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The aim of the company is to help individuals attain their full potential through mindfulness living.  Mindfulness sessions consist of teaching, mindfulness meditation and yoga.

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Welcome to Eternal Mushin Ltd

The company was incorporated with the registrar of Mauritius since the 31st of May 2019.  Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) techniques are taught by a certified MBSR practitioner and yoga therapist to clients on an individual basis or in groups.  Sessions are planned as per the needs of clients.  Corporate workshops for the duration of 8 weeks are also offered.

Our Advantages

Certified Practitioner

Geerish is a certified MBSR practitioner and also a member of the international alliance of holistic therapists.  

Individual attention

The welfare of clients is the priority of the company.  The client's needs are discussed and a working plan is agreed between the therapist and the client before sessions are planned.

Ongoing support

The client has access to online resources in the form of audio files and other documents to maintain practice after mindfulness sessions.  The coach stays at the disposal of clients for advice on a daily basis. 


A very professional approach is used in treatments and clients are assured about the confidentiality of information they will be sharing with the therapist.


Sessions Conducted


Daily online support


Meditation, Yoga and Massage therapy


Rempart, Lallmatie and St Paul

Our Services

Mindfulness meditation, Yoga and Massage therapy


Meditation sessions are conducted in groups or on private consultation.  Some of the meditation techniques taught are Zazen, Vipasana, chakra balancing and body scanning meditation.  Meditation sessions are led by the teacher and clients get access to audio files for their daily practice at home.  Group Meditation sessions cost Rs 300 per session of 2 hours while private meditation sessions cost Rs 500.


Yoga forms part of Mindfulness sessions and the yoga teaching is led by a qualified Yoga therapist.  The postures taught are adapted to the needs of the clients in the groups.  Breathing exercises, postures and deep relaxation techniques are taught.  The anatomy of the body is explored during some sessions.  Yoga sessions cost Rs 300 per session.

Massage therapy

Massage sessions are done on appointment only at Lallmatie.  Massage sessions consist of Shiastu movement, accupressure and therapeutic massage with Ayurvedic oil. A full body massage will cost Rs 1000 while the cost of other treatments will vary between Rs 500 to Rs 1000. 

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